For every game, you need to select which irq the sound uses, it is really no matter if the soundcard uses isa or pci. It costs me next to nothing. You could probably build a K system for practically nothing and have more speed and memory than you would ever need for DOS. Been digging around some more. Anyway, I have another question.

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We aren’t going to know any more ddos if you did research yourself. You need to be a member in order to leave cmi8738 dos comment. For one, the sound pitch is too low; cmi8738 dos two, the sound is muffled; and for three, the sound output is of very poor quality, almost downsampled down to about 22KHz.

Generally soundblaster 32 and the best money awe64 card can suport fully soundblaster ISA cmi8738 dos.

DLL Here is soundblaster pci drivers for dos:. I think my cmi8738 dos might actually be a CMI, but I need to confirm.


Do any of those use digitized sound? It would cmi8738 dos be a good idea to doa a PCI graphics card. What do you guys think?

That works for model CT I believe. I remember the official driver downloads from cmi8738 dos year ago only listed “cmi” For whatever reason, each of the 3 drivers offered today work cmi8738 dos fine with my ancient standalone card.


What model chipset do guys you have?

C-Media CMI8738/CMI8338 Sound WDM Driver

Posted Cmi8738 dos 17, Any LucasArts adventure games? Does somebody managed to setup this card properly in DOS? You just need to make sure the legacy drivers for each sound card use different addresses, different IRQs and different DMAs. Well I’m not in the market for cmi8738 dos entire PC now. What driver are you using in Cmk8738

It sounds like complete crap when it comes to FM Cmi8738 dos because there is none. Posted June 13, So nobody actually got this to work in dos?

I also tried under Linux but that doesn’t detect an OPL cmi8738 dos either. Cmi dos plan was to run late-era dos games and pre-xp windows games on it.

Under Linux you can enable it by setting options to the driver modules in your modprobe. Besides, I find the music was really sporadic and at times felt like it didn’t fit in very well. Now to Guntz, that page is just saying that some models of the cmi8738 dos use cmi8738 dos C-Media chip as onboard sound.

I really appreciate this post Ace, but unfortunately I don’t own a PC that has any relation to what you’re talking about. There might be something you can set in the driver properties pane. Well I’m done buying PC anything for a while now. Anyone have good results with those PCI-based Yamaha sound cards? That is reason that cmi8738 dos can cmi8738 dos detect PCI audio. I remember cmi8738 dos dos games used no sound or sb The big problem is that the digitized sound does not appear to work at all, and if it does, it loops part of a sample.


Best MS-DOS sound card? [Archive] – Sega Forums

This thing literally compiles in 3 seconds and the driver cmi8738 dos in about 10, and most of those 10 secs account for the time WinXP takes to pop up the warning message telling you they’re not Microsoft-approved drivers.

Also, the Awe 64 probably the best DOS sound card ever. This card is SoundBlaster Pro compatible, if I cmi8738 dos correctly.