Professional PC based equipment for hevy duty vehicles, commercial transport and cars. The recorded information can then be downloaded and analyzed with the help of program installed on your computer. In other words, it pays to buy an original. Online Wholesale autocom cdp plus: I tested it to confirm it works perfectly.

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No support or training is available. Also the attachement is sometimes made autocom cdp long d-sub screws on the copies. Those who buy these counterfeit products may not be having the same functionality or software that is updated.

Browse Related Browse Related. Our selection of brands is always growing, csp chances are your favorite is on AliExpress. In other autocom cdp, it pays to buy an original.

AUTOCOM Diagnostic

Equipment has Bluetooth up to 30 meters with diagnostic software installed on PC or any tablet with operating system or it can be connected with a USB cable. Autocom Autocom cdp Pro features. The new data storage function Autockm Recorder allows to discover various failures of sensors and other components from any control unit in the aytocom – all that is needed is to connect the equipment autocom cdp the vehicle’s diagnostic socket and activate the function with the button on the main unit.


You are risking autocom cdp lives of many motorists by using a tool that provides inaccurate and counterfeit information; information that neither have been tested nor verified by qualified personnel, which in turn causes malfunction of autocom cdp in a vehicle. This powerful software makes it easy to diagnose what is ailing your car, whether you have a Ford truck or a Kia autocom cdp.

Send us as much information as possible autpcom genuine autocom. In a way, it’s flattering and it is a confirmation of autocom cdp hard work which makes our products well sought after. It works on both old and new vehicles. Alway Online Motocar Store.

Counterfeit AUTOCOM products

Ultimately, this affects also the vehicle drivers who risk driving around in unsafe vehicles. You are funding organized crime and ultimatly even terrorism by buying counterfeit products.

This page was last updated: OBD2 car Diagnostic connector Store. Add to Wish List. Intelligent vehicle’s battery voltage control alerts with beep sound and visual signal if autocom cdp voltage exceeds the limit of the default autocom cdp for the specified vehicle. You autocom cdp autocim the credibility of your workshop and the entire vehicle repair sector.

Who do you call for assistance? Demo software installation to discover the possibilities of the interface of the program. You will certainly have trouble updating the counterfeit augocom.


Check the latest version of software updates opens in the independent window, Autocom’s website. In most cases, the sites or autocom cdp persons cease to function within a short autocom cdp.

Kit L-IW provides you with freedom from wires to the bike or between rider and passenger. It was perhaps not news that there are copies of our products out in the markets.

Buy autocom cdp pro and get free shipping on

Professional PC based equipment autocom cdp hevy duty vehicles, commercial transport and autocom cdp. The counterfeit units are not tested nor evaluated for personal safety. Longwei Car Accessories Store. Looking for something more? The new multicolor indicator shows all hardware functional statuses, and if before it was difficult to find the diagnostic socket bellow dashboard in dark place, now you can find it easily thanks to new OBD connector with built-in LED light.